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New Movies Trailer

To promote the launch of our two films Hunting the Lib and The Usual Shrooms we've created a short trailer for advertising on Youtube. Watch it here and also leave comments

With Shroom season in England just around the corner, after what's been a pretty good summer so far, we decided to put our films on Youtube to bring shrooming to the widest audience possible. You can see them here: Hunting the Lib and the Usual Shrooms. We also took the time to give them one final edit to improve sound quality in a few areas as well as a few other minor tweaks here and there to make these films the best they can be. We hope you agree. And if you have discovered us from Youtube a very big welcome.

If you're interested in shrooms and want to learn more about them, you've come to the right place. Our site is painstakingly researched and based on first hand experience so that you can get the real facts about magic mushrooms, rather than agenda driven propaganda and lies so evident in the mainstream media these days. We've squeezed in tons to entertain you and enthrall. And, what's more we haven't even scratched the surface yet. Expect a lot more to come.

We've added two brand new shrooming movies (infomentaries) totally geared to helping you seek out and find the greatest magic mushroom of them all - the Liberty Cap which we know you'll love. Check them out - The Usual Shrooms, and the quite fantastic feature length film Hunting the Lib.

We've also covered the amazing history of shrooms, the philosophy and psychology that goes along with them and the people that use them. We've also added a fantastic photo gallery so be sure to check that out too. So if you think you've got some shroom pictures worthy of it and want to show the world, send them in and we'll see if we can put them up there too.

We've also added a new News section, where we bring you the headlines we think you should know and may not have seen elsewhere. We've revamped our Research section, as again this is an area that has got a lot of publicity since we've been away. It' also an area where the establishment is now raising loud voices for changes in the law regarding the use of naturally occurring psychedelic drugs like Psilocybin for research purposes. For over 40 years (since the War On Drugs was started) this devastating program has almost totally curbed genuine and legitimate research into possible clinical and medicinal applications of these important naturally occurring drugs that could otherwise been used to bring about meaningful positive change in people's lives. Isn't it now now time to "Just Say No" to the War On Drugs?

Since we've been away seemingly great strides have been made in the Drug Liberation world as a whole, with great gains continuing to be made in the United States regards Marijuana legislation reform which is totally welcome. It is excellent to see people at last being left in peace and to responsibly enjoy and appreciate the therapeutical and medicinal benefits of Marijuana and can only hope a similar logic soon prevails over shrooms and other naturally occurring psychedelic substances . However it's hard not to feel that a positive change is dawning and common sense is finally prevailing.

A picture of the SLF's founder Shroom Tiger Shroom Tiger

The interest in magic mushrooms continues to expand, as more and more people awaken to newer consciousness of thought and desire more meaningful experiences in their lives. And why not? It is after all one of the most natural, unique and amazingly powerful experiences a person can have. This website is a homage to shrooms and seeks only to publicise their many benefits and qualities as well as to capture and reflect not only the spirit of magic mushrooms but the amazing people who appreciate them the most - shroomers. You are the true SLF - preserving the lost art of the Shroom and ensuring it's survival. We salute you all, Shroom Tiger.

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