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A Picking Adventure continued

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

"Well hop in then, and we'll go for a drive and see if we can see him" the officer said motioning for Dave to get in the vehicle. The officers moved to their car, Dave jumping in the empty back seat. They pulled out of the car park, taking a right. As they drove Dave couldn't help but see the irony of the situation. He was sitting in a police car with 500 shrooms going for a drive. How the hell was he going to get out of this? You couldn't have made it up if you tried.

"What was John wearing", the blonde haired policemen leaned round to ask? Dave described it as best he could remember. The landscape sped past as they all took in the view scanning intently for any sign of John.

"One of my constables handed in his resignation today", the driver said to the policeman in the passenger seat. His voice was disappointed.

"Really, who" replied the younger officer, getting into the conversation? They continued talking amongst themselves, almost oblivious to Dave's presence. He was happy to shut up, and not draw any attention to himself. However he knew there was no way his mate could of made it this far out. They had driven at least three miles by now.

"I don't think he could've made it this far" Dave proffered. The policeman agreed, and turned the car round the next opportunity they had, driving back towards the car park. The field they had picked on lay on the south facing rim of a large basin like valley. It was looked down upon by a flat plateau a few miles to the West. A car park on this bank offered a natural vantage point to look directly down onto their picking grounds. It would give them the best possible view of the land ahead. If John was out there, they should be able to see him from there.

Pulling into this larger car park Dave could see their picking spot clearly some miles in the distance. The visibility had returned to normal now, and Dave could even see blue sky. They all searched, scanning their eyes across the horizon. Dave half expected to see a glimmer of John's back pack, or a flash of his bright red jacket. After 5 minutes, they hadn't seen anything. John was definitely missing. The idea he'd fallen down a hole seemed startlingly realistic. They drove back to the car park where John's Astra was parked. The constable pulled out his two way radio and called back to base. He reported his location and asked if the Hillside Rescue Team could be summoned giving their location.

The policeman then came over to John's car peering in through the windows. "We're going to have to get in this car and find that mobile phone of yours" the senior officer said. Again they were both close to Dave now, who was still worrying about the small matter of 500 shrooms in his right pocket. "I think I've got a crowbar in the back" the older policeman said. A minute later he was back clutching the 2 feet long piece of steel. They gathered round the car door as he felt the car door with the crowbar trying to find a weakness in the Astra's defences.

As Dave tried to keep to the right side of the officers, the younger one gave Dave a measured look. His eyes darted to the bottle he'd now glanced sticking out of Dave's pocket. Dave could almost sense what the policeman was going to ask next. It was on the tip of his tongue. Just one little question away. Then Dave would be busted. His heart thudded in his chest.

"Got it" the policeman said as the door gave a whump and the lock gave in. Quite how the policeman had done it, Dave hadn't seen, being too preoccupied at that second. The door seemed perfectly intact still. However it was just enough of a distraction to break the younger officer's train of thought. He turned back round to his colleague who was grinning, obviously relishing the satisfaction of a successful break and gave him a pat on the back.

"Good stuff" the blonde one said as his colleague opened the driver side door, and then round between the front seats to unlock the rear passenger door, nearest Dave. The officer then repositioned himself so he was sitting properly in the front passenger seat in front of the glove box. Sensing an opportunity, Dave opened the rear passenger door and hopped in.

"You better find that mobile phone of yours" the policeman in the front said. Not needing a second invitation Dave leaned over the back seat where his overnight bag was stashed. He pulled it over, darting his head round. Both policemen were focussed in the front. He slipped out his bottle and quickly put it into the bag. Phew he thought zipping the bag tightly up. He then opened his backpack next to him, and pulled out the mobile phone. Dambit, the thing had run out of batteries. Typical.

"Just to let you know" the lead officer said "we're going to need to take a look in his glovebox, to see if we can find anything that can help us contact John's next of kin." Dave didn't object. The constable opened the glove box. John's wallet was conveniently sitting on the top of some old maps and cds. Dave said "sorry, but my mobile phone's dead" holding it up for them to see. The constable opened Dave's wallet, and something dropped out into the constable's hand. Dave could not believe what he was seeing. Nor could the police officer who now had, sitting perfectly in the palm of his hand, John's quarter ounce bag of weed. Dave didn't whether to laugh or cry. This was getting ridiculous.

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