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A Picking Adventure continued

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A moment of stunned silence descended as the police office looked round with raised eyebrows. "Do you have any explanation for this then" said the officer? Dave was speechless. Not only had he just narrowly avoided being busted for shrooms, but he'd just managed somehow to convene John to get his car broken into by two coppers, and then get him busted for pot. Brilliant. He didn't know who was going to kill who if John ever got found alive. He could almost see the funny side of the situation, not for the first time that day. Dave thought it best to remain silent on this note. "Is there anything else I'm gonna find in here" he asked? meaning the wallet, but Dave suddenly thought they might have grounds now to search the car after all. Maybe he wasn't going to get away with those shrooms after all. Dave shook his head. "Sorry, I didn't know John had that" he said. The officer continued to look through John's wallet. It was full of coins and business cards and a £20 note. The policeman saw one of the cards had some of John's family's contact numbers on it.

There was a flash, as a vehicle pulled into the car park. They all looked, to see a large, militarized looking vehicle with six wheels pull into the car park. It was the Hill Rescue Squad. This got their attention and the officers got out to see meet them.

The door of the six-wheeler slid open, and a medium sized man got out. Dave could see there were more people inside. The policeman introduced himself giving them a quick debrief of what they knew. Another older gentleman with a white, trimmed beard got out too and listened in.

"We've found this mobile with John's number on it, but it's unfortunately run out of power" the officer mentioned.

The man with the white beard said, "I might have a charger for this in the vehicle", he took it disappearing inside.
They could hear a radio chattering noisily in the vehicle. It was the pilot of a rescue helicopter. One of the squad sat at the control panel, with lots of lights and buttons holding a walky talky. "Just to confirm, he's still missing" the man at the control panel said into the mouth peace, "I think we'll need you at our location".
"Affirmative, what is your location" the pilot said.
"The man at the control panel checked his GPS, and radioed in the co-ordinates to the pilot.

"Roger, I'll be there in three minutes, over". Dave had to admit, they ran a smooth professional operation. It had all been very professional, and if anyone could find John these guys could do it. He had no idea what was going to happen next. He just stood in the car park taking in the drama around him. The car park was a hub of activity. Even the people in the Caravan had got involved now, offering everyone a cup of tea. The policemen were chatting to the rescue team, and Dave almost felt a sense of calm descend upon them.

A drone, carried across the wind getting quickly louder. It was still a surprise to Dave, as the helicopter raced low and fast above the car park in a fly by that took his breath away. The helicopter gleamed day glow orange and white, and made for a fantastic sight sweeping across the valley. The fact they could hear the pilot on the intercom made them feel more involved. The guys on the ground continued to feed the helicopter with information pointing him in the right direction to focus on. Dave could only stand and watch in awe – it was exciting.
"I don't see anything obvious, going round for another sweep" the pilot's voice crackled.
"I've got it" the man with the white beard who they'd almost forgotten had taken Dave's mobile phone to try and charge. It was on and had a signal. The man handed the phone to the senior constable, feeling he was the best person to make the call. He quickly accessed the phone's address book finding John's number. He pressed the green phone button to call it. For some reason, Dave's phone was set to speaker, so they could all hear as it rang. The chopper continued circling. The monotone ring filled the vehicle. Everyone went quiet, faces turned with expectation.
"Pick up" Dave thought "pick up". The ringing continued two three more times, a click and stopped.
"Hello" a new voice filled the vehicle. Dave recognised John.
"Is that John" the police officer said?
"Yes, it's me"
"John, this is the police. Are you alright – your friend Dave has reported you missing. Are you alright?"
"Yes – I'm fine" he said. He did sound fine Dave thought a little surprised. He half expected John's voice to be filled with agony and worry because he was half dying in a ditch somewhere. But he sounded the same as ever. Fine, perfectly fine.
"Where are you now?" the policeman continued.
"I'm walking back to the car park now. I should be there in five minutes". All this time the helicopter continued buzzing over head. There was no-way John wouldn't be able to see it. The policeman motioned to the radio operator, in communication with the helicopter. "He's safe, call off the helicopter".
The operator nodded clicking the handset to talk.

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