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A Picking Adventure continued

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

"Good news, we've found him, safe and sound. Call off the search."
"Call off the search" the radio crackled. "Roger, heading back to base now". "Thank you for you efforts" the operator said. "Have a good day".

"You too" the pilot chuckled, happy it had all ended well. They all watched as the helicopter banked to the right and then flew straight above them. It was a special moment, and then just as quickly as it had arrived, was gone.

Dave and the rest of the search party moved outside. A couple of the Rescue Team were already kitted up with full battle readiness, harnessing their backpacks and just waiting for the word to go. Their colleague informed them that the lad had turned up which they received with wide smiles.

Dave headed to the side of the road, scanning for John. Sure enough John was trudging up the road towards them cutting a sheepish figure. Dave just stood their, incredulous as he walked up, giving him the wide eyed stare.

"What the f*$k happened to you then?" he mentioned as John got in earshot, gesturing with his hands to all the carnage John had caused around him. John could see the police car now, and the six wheeled all terrain vehicle. The thought of the pot incident that had briefly been forgotten also came back to Dave's thoughts.
"Was that helicopter for me too" John asked?
"Take a wild guess" Dave cut back. "What happened"?
John explained. "After a while I just got lost. The bloody shrooms were everywhere. I didn't realise where I was as just couldn't get a moment to look up. When I did, I couldn't see you anywhere". Dave could relate to that at least, after all he was partly guilty too. "Didn't you hear me shouting? Where did you go"?
"I didn't hear a thing with the wind out there and my hood up. The fog was mental too – couldn't see anything out there. Before I knew it, I didn't know where I was. Then eventually I came across this path, and all I could remember was "Stick to the Path!!" (the line out of the American Werewolf in London that always seems to come into your head in moments like these). So I did. I ended up walking past this creepy old house, and streams and everything. I didn't have a clue where the hell I was, but figured as long as I was on the path then sooner or later I'd get to a main road or something". Dave thought he knew the path John was talking about. He'd seen it a few seasons ago but had never gone down it. He'd always assumed it took you out back further into the moor. As long way rounds went, that was a long way round. No wonder they couldn't find him.

Dave not for the first or last time that day almost had to laugh.
"I saw that helicopter circling about and was preying it was nothing to do with me" John said. Dave could just imagine that thought going through his mate's brain. "Even on the way up here I was finding shrooms everywhere, but just had to leave them with that thing flying about."

They entered the car park and Dave directed them towards the policeman. In the background, the Rescue crew were packing up, but stopped to give John a wave and a smile that he was alright. John waved back, still overwhelmed by what was going on and the trouble he'd caused.

The policeman held out his hand which John shook, greeting the policeman with a smile. Dave decided to give them a bit of space and keep out the way. Quite honestly what was going to happen next he didn't have a clue.

John came back to the car shortly later. Around them everybody was packing up. Dave sat in the passenger seat, getting in next to him behind the wheel. He left his door open. There was a crunch, as the six wheeled vehicle turned itself around and pulled out of the car park, turning onto the road. A moment later it was gone, leaving them alone in the car park with the police car and the Caravan. The day had settled down into lovely warm sunshine now, and the sky was blue with thin white clouds gently drifting across. It was a beautiful afternoon considering how bad the morning had been.

They noticed the black haired policeman walking towards their car. When he was a few feet away he said "You know that helicopter costs £5000 an hour to use". He left the fact lingering in the pleasant afternoon breeze. Dave's eyes rolled. "Oh F*@k" he thought, fearing he was just about to get served with the bill for this little escapade. He was still knee deep in student loans. There's no way he could afford that. He figured John was thinking exactly the same thing. The policeman smiled sensing their discomfort.

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