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A Picking Adventure continued

"But that's alright, we're just glad it all turned out well, and no-one was hurt" he said. They both gave sighs of relief.
"Oh and one more thing" the policeman continued.
He reached his hand out to John palm down. John instinctively held his hand out. The policeman dropped a small bag into John's hand. Dave's eyes almost popped out as he recognised John's bag of grass now sitting in his palm.
"Dispose of that by non combustible means". The policeman gave them a winning smile, obviously revelling in their astonishment, then turned and walked back to his vehicle. He got in, and moments later, the black and white swung out of the car park, driving away.

Dave and John turned to each other speechless.
"Ha ha" Dave said, John also grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Can you believe that" he said bursting into laughter. John joined in. "What a f@*k'n day!".

Dave looked out the window, now that they had the place to themselves again and then looked back to John with a crafty smile. "Wanna go find some shrooms again now" he asked cheekily, and almost half seriously? "Fek off!" John said dismissing the idea out of hand with an incredulous frown and a grin. Dave shrugged accepting that the picking was over for the day and the season. He smiled.

"Let's get the hell out of here then" he said.
"Sounds like a very good idea to me" John said closing the door and starting the ignition. Moments later they pulled out of the car park and also drove away, reflecting on what had been one of the strangest picking adventures they had ever had. But they both knew - amazing things can happen when you follow the shroom.

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