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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

Tim was intrigued. "Man I've got to try them sometime" he said, after listening to their colourful descriptions. A bell ran behind them accompanied by a cry for last orders. Dave glanced at his watch. He couldn't believe they spent the whole day drinking.

"Sh@t, if we're gonna do those shrooms we better get a move on" he said. John looked at his watch and nodded in agreement. They looked at Tim who still had half his pint left. They continued chatting while he finished it, and then made their way out into the night. The evening was warm still and they walked back towards John's apartment. They walked past a tube station, where Tim said goodbye and shook their hands
"Have a great evening" he said, giving them a sly wink. "We will" John promised. "See you soon, ok" Tim waved his arm at them and then turned into the station, leaving John and Dave together.

They continued walking and were soon back at John's apartment. He'd landed a great deal on a top floor flat, which he shared with three other people. The flat was massive, spread over two floors. Dave had been there a few times in the past, and knew most of John's housemates, who were all sitting round a large rectangular, wooden table in the kitchen sharing a bottle of wine.

"Hi Dave" said an attractive blonde, whose name was Amy. She smiled at Dave. "Glass of wine"? Dave knew Amy relatively well. She was a regular on John's social circuit so Dave often met her when he went for drinks with John. She was a nice girl with a big heart. She had a boyfriend who was also sitting at the table.

"Hey Dave" he said standing up to shake his hand. It was Adrian, Amy's boyfriend. He was a larger then life character in a small stature, but Dave had always got on ok with him, though thought he could go a bit far at times.

"Adrian, what's up, what you doing now" Dave said smiling at him. Adrian always had some 'Big Idea' on the go. The guy didn't know how to think small. Before Dave knew it, he was at the table contributing to the conversation, with a nice glass of red.

John came back having left the room five minutes earlier, depositing a small Tupperware box in front of Dave. The conversation stopped as people gave John quizzical looks.

"Shrooms" John said. "Dave and I are going to do some shrooms this evening. Anybody else want to join in"?

Eyes flashed around the table. Everybody else politely declined. It was just going to be Dave and John tonight. Dave opened the lid of the Tupperware box. Immediately a gently sweet scented mustiness tickled his nostrils, like a magical spice – the unmistakable aromatic, that could only be dried shrooms. Dave always liked this smell. There was something intangible and effervescent about it all at the same time. It seemed as if even the scent of shrooms had a sparklyness hinting promise to their power. Dave had no doubt, that before him lay some of the best, and most powerful magic mushrooms in the world.

"Can I have two bowls" he asked John who was standing near the cupboards. He duly got them down, passing them to Dave, before sitting down at the end of the table. It was nearly midnight now, and the others were getting tired. Most sensed it was a good time to leave Dave and John to themselves, and quietly made their excuses and left.

Dave said good night to Amy, who smiled back at him. "Have a good trip" she said. "Let me know all about it in the morning". Adrian, who was being led away by Amy also wished them luck. And like that that they were on their own in the kitchen.

Dave picked a few of the shrivelled dry mushrooms out of the box. They were really small little things, almost insignificant. They mostly had their shrivelled dry stem attached. Dave was usually so meticulous when counting out shrooms. He knew that a good dose for him on this mushroom amounted to between 120 to 170 mushrooms. After counting ten out, he found the process tedious. For someone who was of sober mind, it wouldn't have taken that long to count out three hundred mushrooms, but for Dave, at least eight pints down the road, it was just a job too far. He grabbed a handful of the shrooms guesstimating an approximate figure. Judging shroom amounts when pissed is never advisable, but Dave swelled by a false sense of his own judgement under the alcohol was undaunted.

He looked at the bowl that he had separated for John, and then measured himself up a similar amount. He got up and grabbed a saucepan from the draining board, and took out a couple of mugs from the cupboard. He filled one up from the tap, pouring it into the pan before repeating the process and doing it again. He then sparked the hob on and left the water to boil, returning to the table to finish his wine.

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