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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

John got up from the table. "Let's go to my room where we can chill out" he said. Dave followed. His light headedness was quite acute now. He could almost feel his head lolling on his neck. John switched on his TV then got onto his double bed, getting comfortable. Dave dropped into a large inflatable armchair. Already the light was dancing in the corners of his eyes, creating a distraction for him. He closed his eyes, straight away realising that the phantogasma in his mind was already kicking off. Colours were flashing in his mind, and distracting swirly shapes. He opened his eyes. Sh@t this was coming on fast. He looked over at John. John widened his eyes, indicating that he also was feeling the effects now.

The come up on shrooms can be many things. However it is generally a little intimidating at first. If not accustomed to how the trip unfolds, user's can feel as if they are rapidly losing control in ways they don't understand. The feeling is so intangible, yet overwhelming. Like you are being pulled into another world far removed from you normal every day experience. The feeling wasn't just 3 dimensional but took on a four dimensional nature.

The power swept through Dave's body, alien and strong. He had done shrooms many times before but the power he was experiencing now was astonishing, taking him by surprise. He was feeling overcome by it, and out of control. He felt a pang of fear strike through him, as his mind raced away. What had he done he thought to himself. Had he put too many shrooms into the tea. He got up trying to keep calm. The feeling accelerated, pulsating huge waves of energy through him. The lights began to dazzle and everything became pulsating with colour.

"Water" Dave thought. Water was a critical part of taking shrooms. Water was something that fuelled the buzz, and his body was crying out for it. He needed it to calm down. Without saying anything he opened the door walking out into the hallway, heading for the toilet on the landing. He turned the taps on splashing the water into his mouth. The movements his hands made felt alien and weird as it smacked against his lips, like he was removed from the whole process. The water wasn't helping. The power pulsating through him phenomenal. Dave moved from the toilet into the lounge next to John's bedroom. It was empty with large white couches and a large TV. Dave tried to lie down, but couldn't settle. He couldn't keep his hand still. He felt terrible, and a little panicky. "Keep calm he said to himself", but barely able to concentrate. He got up pacing around the room, preying no-one was going to come in. He walked out, finding another spare room. An ironing board with a iron caught his attention. It became alive, full of personality, and animation like a cartoon character. Dave felt in awe of it. It pulsated beautifully in front of him, as if crafted from the finest ivory and jewels. The whole thing was a spectacular sight. Now everywhere Dave looked, was a glittering, sparkling, pulsating bejewelled dreamscape, where every surface became an extravagant work of priceless, neon's and colours. It pulsated and swirled a bedazzling array of colours. It was like those deep sea jelly fish that ripple spectrum colours along their edge. If Dave wasn't so overwhelmed he would've stopped to appreciate how beautiful it was – it was awe inspiring. But the alcohol that was also coursing through Dave's veins was fuelling the high to even stronger, more intense levels. He'd never seen power on a scale like this.

In a moment, making a mockery of Dave's experience his first thought was that he needed to get help. Every rule about mushroom tripping he'd ever learnt he abandoned. Whenever someone reaches a level that scares them on shrooms, the best thing you can do, is not to panic. To stay calm and lie down. Dave used to use the 15 minute rule technique whenever this had happened in the past, and it always worked a dream. The rule involved looking at the time and fixing it. This act alone helped him attempt to gain control, but it also meant he could fix the experience to a known point. Then he would simply fall back, allowing the experience to wash over and through him. Often he would talk aloud to himself "Use it, use the experience. Go with it. Let it show you what you need to see." This mind-set was also helpful in allowing the experience to be appreciated differently. Often this simple act alone was enough to transform a trip and put it on the positive light, and suddenly become enjoyable. When the this point was reached on shrooms it was almost impossible not to have an amazing fun time. Tripping on shrooms was all about your state of mind. Often the best way to appreciate it, is to submit yourself fully to it's spell and let go. This was the drug equivalent of a leap of faith. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Also the point about the fifteen minute rule was that eventually when you looked at your watch later, you'd often see 15 minutes had past and now you were enjoying yourself. The time just gave you something tangible to hold onto, whilst the top edge of the experience burnt off, and your body got accustomed to it.

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