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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

But at that time, the alcohol just clouded Dave's judgment. The combined affect gave the experience and added intensity. Nine pints had been a reckless amount to drink before such a strong trip. What would otherwise have been bearable was appearing intolerable to Dave. It wasn't so much what he could see, but how he felt. The power coursing through him was like electricity. He felt as if he was like one of those 20,000 volt cables you always see sparking, and flashing around in James Bond movies that the baddies always get themselves electrocuted with – that's what he felt like – as if he was being electrocuted – like he was a live wire, pure energy coursing through him. It was an indescribable, shocking feeling. He'd never felt like this before. However had Dave at this time thought rationally and adopted the 15 minute rule everything would have turned out great. But he didn't. The events of the mushroom pushed him onto another path.

In a rash of judgement, Dave decided he had to get help. He went down the stairs to the lower of the two floors in John's apartment, and opened the door. Before him was the main staircase of the building. Dave moved down the stairs fast, reaching the lobby. He didn't even notice at this time that he wasn't wearing shoes or socks. He opened the large solid door, stepping out into the street. The door clicked shut behind him, locking him out. It was late now, well into the early hours of the morning, and the City had settled down into sleep. Dave crumpled into a pile on the doorstep, trying to modicum of control back. Due to the experience washing over him found his mind difficult to process. The kaleidoscopic, cinematic visions in his mind simply commanded his attention. He stood up. He had to get someone to help him.

Had anyone seen Dave at this point, he would've looked a sight. Barefoot and almost staggering down the street in his work clothes it would have been easy to correctly assume he was high on drugs. A shape of a person walked in Dave's direction shadowy and silhouetted before him. A street light sparkled around the figure like a halo.

"Excuse me, can you help me" Dave pleaded, feeling deep down a twinge of shame. He'd reached the junction of the Euston road. At any time of night it was a busy road, 3 lanes deep, and packed with traffic. Whoever was in front of Dave simply arced round him and carried on going completely confused by what to make of him. Dave feeling disorientated and panicky almost had the idea that he needed to run into the road and stop the traffic, an incredibly reckless and dangerous thing to do. Despite how he felt at the time, he still had enough sense to ignore this. Instead, the feeling simply overtook Dave now. He collapsed to the ground face down on the pavement. He was simply not aware of anything now – not even the buzz. Time had simply ceased. Even the drum of cars that passed by not more then six feet to Dave's right could be heard. Dave had gone well past Ego Loss. He simply ceased to be.

Quite how long Dave had lay by that road he would never know. Nor how many cars drove by, and people walked past. Eventually the lights dancing behind his eyes jogged Dave into awareness. The sounds his ears heard were distorted and confused. Through his eyelids he could see colours dancing in a pulsating rhythm, cool and blue. But there was sound - no voices – people talking. People talking to him. Dave opened his eyes.

Staring down at Dave were at least five faces, but his eyes were drawn to a girl – a blonde girl with a pretty smile. They were all looking at Dave. Above their heads the night flashed blue in a pulsating rhythm. Dave blinked not sure where he was.

"What's your name" the girl said. Dave's eyes were focussing now taking in the scene before him. He was lying on his back, and tried to move his head up. He was still in the street and could see the traffic driving by. People in the cars peered to see what the commotion was. A police car was stopped in the left lane, forcing traffic to go round it. The blue and white lights on top of it were spinning, but there was no alarm.

"What's your name" the lady said. Dave focussed on her. His thoughts were still spinning and confused.

"Dave" he said. The girl smiled. It was progress to her. Dave realised that she was wearing a black uniform. The others that also looked down on Dave were also in uniform. They were all men. Around Dave, looking down on him when he lay on his back were 5 uniformed police officers.
"What's up mate" said one, a young male, sounding distinctly Australian.
"Can you get me an Ambulance" Dave said.

Dave looked at him. "Yeah, I took some magic mushrooms" he said coming clean straight away. "Can you get me an ambulance now please"? Dave could still feel the intense power coursing through him, but now the feeling was calmer, almost ebbing in and out with its intensity.

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