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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

"So where did you do the mushrooms" the girl asked?
"With my friend" Dave replied.
"Where's your friend live" the girl responded.
Dave was singing like a canary now. "In the flat in this street" he said.
"Which flat" said the younger male police man?

"The top floor flat – number 69" Dave said completely selling his mate out. He couldn't help but be truthful. A couple of the police officers drifted away. A powerful wave swept over Dave, causing him to close his eyes. The mushroom trip was only just beginning now. His mind had become a vista stretching as far as the eye could see. Hieroglyphic symbols and laser lights burst like fireworks in his thoughts. Vivid, amazingly vivid shapes drifted into his thoughts, and he felt like he was on rails, on some kind of theme park ride. Dave did not hear the policeman talking to him now. He'd drifted to another place. The thoughts were sucking him deeper into a magical dreamland. A beautiful dragon trailed across the distant far reaches of his inner vision. It turned banking towards them trailing glittering starlike trails behind it. It was a marvellous Chinese looking dragon. Dave could see the scales glinting on its skin. He almost went wow. It was fantastic. A smile creased his lips.

The policeman woman distracted him back from his vision. "Dave, open your eyes" she said. "Open your eyes" she repeated with an authoritative voice. Dave obliged opening his eyes.

"The ambulance is on its way" the woman said. "It should be here soon". Dave smiled at her, thinking she was pretty. His eyes then moved to the other officer looking down at him. Dave could just imagine what his eyes were seeing.

"I bet you've seen it all now" Dave said to him. He looked like he had been doing this for years.

"Don't know about that mate, it's my first week on the job" he said laughing at Dave. Dave found this hilarious, bursting into laughter too. His laugh was different on shrooms. It was an infectious sound, that seemed to transmit happiness. It was innocent and joyful. The officers all exchanged looks, and Dave was aware they were talking about him. He couldn't hear what as again the inner mind called him back, distracting him. He heard them laughing at him.

The intensity of the lights got stronger behind his eyelids. The pulsating blues rhythm changed increasing and changing, distracting Dave's eyes to open. The ambulance had arrived now its lights also flashing. And that was the moment Dave hit the plateau. He sighed, happiness flooding through him. He'd reached the place - the beautiful place – the greatest place in the world. He'd reached the magic land. Dave could always tell. He sighed again, relieved. He knew no-bad would befall him now. The trip was amazing now. It was sensational. He wanted to laugh out loud. If only they could see what he could, feel what he could, be like he was, right then. This was the greatest feeling alive. Nothing and no-one one could dent Dave now. Dave could've happily got up then shook everybody's hands, apologised for all the inconvenience he'd caused, and that everything was gonna be all right now, and then disappeared into the night to gaze in wonder at anything and everything that took his fancy. The ambulance was quite unnecessary now. Dave was feeling great. All he wanted to do was get out, away from this madness he suddenly found himself in.

A wheel chair was wheeled to Dave, and he was helped to his feet by a couple of the male officers. "Oh there's quite no need for the chair" Dave said in prim and proper English. He was in his element now, with sheer ecstasy buzzing through him.

"I'm afraid you have to" said the ambulance attendant, a pleasant looking fellow with a gentle smile "we wouldn't want you hurting yourself on the journey to the hospital".

Hospital!! Dave thought. That's the last place he needed to be now. However he had the good sense not to complain, as he appreciated the delicacy of his situation. The police officers were still standing around watching Dave's every move. Dave sat in the wheelchair.

"I'm just going to have to strap you in" said the man behind him. "It's regulations, I'm afraid." Dave felt a bit embarrassed, like an invalid as he was strapped into the chair. The attendant then wheeled him to the ambulance whose doors were opened. Dave was spun round in the chair and then pushed in it onto a silver platform just big enough to fit the chair. The attendant pushed a button at the side of the ambulance, and Dave was then lifting, moving up in the air. He felt really embarrassed now, but also was overcome with a gratefulness to everybody that had helped him. The wheelchair lift clicked at the top, and Dave was then pushed into the side annex of the vehicle. "Please tell everyone thank you very much" Dave said. "They were all really nice to me, and did a great job."

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