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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

The driver of the ambulance had come round to see how he could help, not sure what to expect from their passenger. They'd been radioed in shortly before to attend the scene of someone suspected of a magic mushroom overdose. Dave obviously wasn't what they were expecting to find, being so genial to everybody, polite and charming.

Dave clearly heard the driver say to his colleague "This is all very neat and tidy" as they seemed relieved Dave wasn't going to be giving them any trouble whatsoever. The attendant got in closing the double doors behind them, taking a seat on the bench on the other side next to Dave. The driver got in the front, starting the engines. They were soon moving on their way to the hospital.

The trip was now in full swing, and Dave was now at last able to appreciate it. It was something to behold. His head leaned back so that he was looking at the ambulance's white roof. It was a shimmering through a neon spectrum of colours, an unforgettable sight. Rather then be an alien thing, it felt the most natural thing in the world. Dave's senses were alive. He was appreciating now, truly what the human body, and mushrooms were capable of. Now they were talking. The feeling reminded Dave why he took shrooms. They simply could not be beat.

The attendant picked up the clipboard and began asking Dave some questions – about his medical history. Dave did his best to help, and the man made movements with his hand ticking boxes on the sheet.

"Do you know" the attendant said to Dave "the police weren't actually sure what to do with you, and couldn't decide between sending you to hospital or letting you sleep it off in the cells. We talked them into allowing us to take you with us. Dave smiled at the attendant.

"Thank you, everyone has been so kind to me. Thank you." He said. Dave really was one of life's good guys, and it was clear that they'd made the right decision. However the reality of spending a night a police cell tripping his head off, seemed an unpalatable suggestion. Instead he was getting VIP treatment and being rushed off to the nearest hospital. Dave really did have to laugh.

"My daughter did magic mushrooms once" he said. "She said they were very enjoyable. What are they like, now? What can you see?" The attendant seemed genuinely interested, almost fascinated what Dave was going through. Dave really wanted to tell them. However, it is not always easy to be descriptive at the peak of a level four mushroom trip. His attempts to portray what was going on in his mind, just couldn't be put in words. "It's amazing" was all he could manage. "Just simply amazing". The attendant pressed for more, but Dave just couldn't pay attention. The visual cascade before him could not be ignored. He just sat staring at it a wondrous look on his face.

The attendant picked up that Dave needed his own space, and began talking to the driver. Dave's head leaned back, taking in the psychedelic extravaganza. This is what he was talking about Dave thought to himself. This was the best part of the trip now. The experience had gelled, filling Dave with a feeling of absolute contentedness and happiness. At the same time, his mind bedazzled him with a spectacular light show, where light glinted off everything in a fractural magnificence. If you have never taken magic mushrooms, then whatever you are imagining this experience to be like, you are probably so far short of its true beauty. This state that Dave now found himself in, was the reason every shroomer did it. And whilst Dave was only sitting in the back of a London ambulance, right there and then, it was the most beautiful and special place in the world. It was something that he could only sit back and appreciate, stunned and astounded at it's sheer awesomeness. If only the two guys whose company Dave now shared could see this, if only the police who had helped him earlier could be his witness, or the politicians that so frivolously attempted to prohibit Dave's current experience, could just simply understand, just what it was that Dave now could. This moment, right here, right now, was the reason Dave took magic mushrooms – sure the beginning part could get a little hairy, but once it got into the swing of things, the experience was out of this world.

The ambulance ground to a stop having swung into the hospital car park. The ambulance attendant fussed over Dave as he unlocked the seatbelt and positioned the wheel chair back onto the lift ramp at the back. Dave felt he should really be walking and protested a little, but the attendant assisted. Next Dave was being pushed across the car park and into the brightly lit corridors of Accident and Emergency. He felt really sheepish. Before he new it, Dave was greeted by a man in white overalls, with a stetescope around his neck. He was like the Doctors Dave always saw on telly. Around him were at least five nurses kitted in light purple outfits.

The Doctor gave Dave a big smile leaning in towards him. "How are you" he asked? Dave's smiled back happy to be around anyone. Nothing could bring him down. He was aware of the nurses circling round him too. They seemed to all be smiling for some reason. Dave found the whole situation funny, and burst out into infectious giggles. A couple of the nurses giggled back.

"So what have you been up to" asked the Doctor, meaning what drug was Dave on.

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