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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

"Just some magic mushrooms" Dave giggled back. Dave couldn't help laughing now. And once he started it, it was difficult to stop. It was infectious though, and seemed to put every one in a light hearted mood. He didn't notice as the Doctor reached into Dave's pockets.

"Who's Bro" the doctor asked.

Dave's ears pricked up at the question, and his head nodded up to the doctor in surprise. The Doctor was holding Dave's mobile phone and had gone through his address book, obviously looking for next of kin details.

"He's my brother" Dave replied. "He's a really good guy – really funny", Dave managed to gurgle out, on the verge of another bought of hilarity.

"What's your brother's name" the Doctor asked? Dave told them, and then stared wide eyed in horror, strapped in his chair as the Doctor pressed a button and raised it to his ear.

A few moments later he began to speak "Is that Jake" the Doctor asked pausing to listen to the response. "Hello, this is Dr Richards at the Royal Imperial Hospital in London. We've just had your brother Dave admitted to us".

Dave could just sense what a shock this must've been for Jake. He must think that Dave had been in a car accident or something horrible. It was funny, Dave's sense's were so alive he could almost here his brother's response in the mobile phone pressed up to the doctors ear.

"It's ok", the Doctor continued. "He was brought in suffering from the effects of magic mushroom intoxication…. – yes he's ok now, we've got him under observation, but would it be ok if you came and picked him up?" "What" thought Dave. Last time he checked his brother was living in Portsmouth a good two hour drive away. There'd be no way he would want to come up at 3 am in the morning to bail Dave out.

But Dave's bro was a top bloke who'd always helped him out in the past. "Great, we'll see you soon then" the Doctor thanked him. He hung up and then passed the phone back to Dave.

"Your brother is going to come and collect you once we've made sure you're fit again to leave" he said. "He should be here in an hour or so. Until then we'll stick you in a cubicle and you can work the drug out of your system. Unfortunately with magic mushrooms there's just no cure that we can administer. However the effects shouldn't last more then a few more hours".

Dave was at the peak of the experience now – the moment he referred to as the Golden hour – the most special and amazing time to spend with the shrooms. The fact that he was in a hospital was immaterial. The buzz dazzled and worked it's magic. He felt utterly and indescribably amazing.

A young orderly male nurse came and wheeled Dave away to a small cubicle enclosed by a curtain on a rail that could be swung open and closed. It had a narrow bed that Dave was asked to get on and lie down. The male nurse immediately cracked some jokes at Dave, setting Dave off into a fit of laughter. He just couldn't contain himself. The mushroom had touched his soul, and unlocked his inner being. It was a beautiful happy feeling that could only be expressed through laughing.

As he lay back on the bed the ceiling continued to dazzle an electric spectacle of colour and fireworks. His mind drifted as if on a gentle breeze, and his thoughts taking on a startlingly realistic 3D quality. It was like he could see a film of his of life, and as if he was actually living in the moment of his thoughts. He could look around, and see everything his thoughts allowed, the people, the texture of the wall, the conversations, the sounds, smells – everything. It was superb. Dave's mind now entertained him, and he succumbed to cinematic experience it displayed behind his eyelids. Even with his eyes open his imagination transfixed itself to his visions almost projected onto the walls and ceiling. But it was the laughter that predominated. Dave just couldn't stop, and was totally oblivious to the noise he must've been making at such an early time in the morning, or who he might be disturbing. Every now and then the orderly would pop back to check up on Dave, and crack a joke, which was usually enough to set Dave back off on one. He'd left the curtain open and Dave could see the people in the corridor as they walked past, mainly nurses, who smiled at Dave – he seemed to have transmitted a light joviality to the hospital amongst its entire staff, who would otherwise be working in probably quite sombre and serious conditions. Some of the nurses even giggled as they walked past. Dave was definitely not the usual type of in-patient they got – laughter like this was not something they were accustomed to coming from someone suffering from a drug over-dose.

Then as if by magic, Jake walked in. He looked serious – completely the opposite from Jake who was grinning like a Cheshire cat at some thought that had just popped into his head. "Alright Bro" Dave said, as Jake came in and sat on the small stool next to the bed. Jake seemed to relax straight away, clearly seeing that Dave was in good spirits.
"Hello Dave – what the hell happened to you then" he asked?

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