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A Trip To A & E

A close up of a lovely Psilocybe semilanceata Image Courtesy of Peter Bergson

Dave wasn't even sure he had the ability to explain, but became aware that the experience was starting to ease, losing a fraction of its intensity. He could stay in the moment with greater ease now. Dave filled his brother in as best he could, stopping every now and then as a giggle fit hit him.

Jake was aware they were in a hospital. "Listen mate, I don't want to spoil your party, but there are a lot of people in here who have pretty bad problems, so you might want to try and keep it down for them", Jake said. He was always considerate like that.

Dave nodded, trying his best. "But I thought you were in Portsmouth" Dave asked. "Did you drive up here all the way from there"?

"No – just by chance I was at a function in London tonight and was staying at a hotel nearby, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. You just got lucky".

That was something Dave had always been aware of – amazing things always seemed to happen to him on shrooms, and he couldn't believe how things seemed to work themselves out – as if by magic. They were special, unfathomable things. Dave loved them.

They talked for a few more minutes, and then Jake said he was tired and wanted to sleep, leaning back into the chair and closing his eyes. Dave took the cue from this to lean back into the bed also and closed his eyes too. He watched as dragons flew around his vision, and cities constructed themselves before his eyes. A feeling of peace and tranquillity washed over him, interspersed with an overriding warmth – a glow. It was a beautiful feeling – a feeling of true wellbeing. Dave always got this when he did libs. It was one of the reasons he did them – he believed they were positively good for you. He was glowing with healthiness and vitality – this was what feeling alive was all about. However, unless you had felt it, Dave knew you could never really understand. You'd just have to take his word for it. But it was truly special.

An hour or so later, the visions faded, and the dazzling effects that had entertained him through the night had gone. The chemicals that make magic mushrooms so potent and 'intoxicating' have a very predictable life span in the body. After 4 – 5 hours, most of the chemicals have been worked through the system and the body soon returns itself to an even keel. Unlike other drugs where there is a noticeable comedown, the magic mushroom experience just fades away, as if getting into a lift and descending to the ground floor. The organic nature of the experience leaves no lasting ill effects or negative experiences. It is as if you are just gently lowered back onto the ground having sat on a magic carpet for the last four hours. Dave was sorry to see the experience dwindle away, but glad also that he'd got his act together. He still felt the buzzing warmness throughout his being – (that was something that often persisted long after the trip had finished Dave found), and his mind felt like it had been put through a car wash and come out clean. Whilst feeling a little groggy (most likely from the effects of the alcohol he'd consumed, his thoughts were crystal clear and razor sharp. It was time to get out of here. He sat up. Jake was asleep in his chair. He reflected on what had been a memorable evening, smiling to himself. Then he remembered John. Sh@t – he'd forgotten all about him. Dave wondered how he'd got on. Dave knew that John must've had just a strong a trip – also the psychological torment Dave's disappearance would have had must've added to John's own experience. One thing was for sure, it was a night they'd both never forget. Dave swung his feet out of bed and stood up. He bent down to Jake, gently nudging his arm to wake him.

"Come on mate, let's get out of here" he said. Jake rubbed his eyes blinking a few times, and then agreed. The Doctor who had caused Jake to come and get Dave walked past at just that moment. He looked across and Dave said "Thank you, I'm feeling much better now". The Doctor smiled

"You were funny" he said, smiling at Dave and then continued walking on his way. Dave smiled after him. Jake appeared next to him and they made their way out of the hospital into the car park. A taxi was available and Dave and Jake got in. Moments later the car pulled out of the car park disappearing into the early morning dark.

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