The Usual Shrooms Film and Image

The SLF's World Famous Usual Shrooms Liberty Cap Line Up Picture, showing Liberty Caps in all their various guises

Seen the image - now see the film

What seems like eons ago we went out to films some of our adventures picking shrooms so you guys could get an idea of what it's like out in the field. We collected together some great footage and pictures, one of which was our world famous - the Usual Shrooms picture. This has always been a fantastic visual guide clearly showing a very representative sample of Liberty Caps that you can expect to find in the wild on your forays. However little did the public know, that we had also made an accompanying dialogue to go with the image, and finally to celebrate the relaunch of the SLF we've been able to cut everything together to present to you our Liberty Cap identification / Picking guide movie the Usual Shrooms. We hope you find it interesting and informative and we honestly believe that watching this film carefully will give you the sufficient skills to confidently identify and find this most precious magic mushroom of them all - the Liberty Cap. Just press the play button.

This video if offered for information and entertainment purposes only and as such is covered by our Copyright and Disclaimer notices.

Hunting The Lib

Join us as we set on a quest to find the fairest shroom of them all - the Liberty Cap

If you Loved the Usual Shrooms, you'll adore our amazing film "Hunting The Lib". This remarkable film follows our intrepid shroomers as they set on a quest to find Britain's native magic mushroom the Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata). This film is full of charming, funny and always interesting anecdotes on shrooms and shroomlore that we're sure you'll love. Set in spectacular scenery and sometimes near impenetrable fog! Prepare to be wowed.

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